A Shining Example of Architect Isoya Yoshida's Modern Sukiya Construction

Okazaki Tsuruya was designed by the architect Isoya Yoshida, a giant in the field of modern sukiya construction. Our building is often called a masterpiece of this style, fusing as it does traditional elegance with a modern freshness. Created by converting a residence belonging to the Nomura family, major players in the world of Kansai finance, the elegant and refined beauty created by our architecture and gardens have both thrilled and soothed the hearts of many guests.
Pass through the shingle roofed gate and cross the cobbles to the entryway, to find a bare floor of black granite. The refreshing, all-tatami mat corridors then lead you to our two large banquet halls and seven guest rooms. You eye will surely be caught by the exquisite attention to detail across the entire interior, including the openwork screens above the room partitions and the sliding doors themselves. The perfect balance of the traditional and the new can be enjoyed all around you. The building stands in a U shape that encloses the gardens, offering strikingly different views from each room and creating a unique impression for each stay.

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