Delicious Ingredients Used to the Fullest in Remarkable Seasonal Dishes

The stance on preparation of meals held by Okazaki Tsuruya since our founding has always been that it is "easy to add seasoning and flavors after the fact; the true difficulty lies in bringing out the inherent deliciousness of each ingredient."
We believe it is the role of a long-established restaurant that has devoted their all to kaiseki banquet dining to carefully select all ingredients, lovingly prepare even the most minor of dishes, and provide every conceivable luxury to our diners.
Our famous winter boiled turnip with hot miso bean paste, made using turnips from Keihoku in Kyoto and served with white miso, is just one example of how seasonal flavors are worked seamlessly into our dining experience. We offer the opportunity to truly taste the four seasons of Japan.
Revel in the beauty of kaiseki dining, inherent in everything from the taking of broth to the assortment of receptacles used.

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