Prominent VIP Guests from Around the World

1962February 7
United States of America Attorney General Robert Kennedy and his Wife
1965October 29
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Cosmonaut Tereshkova, Cosmonaut Nikolayev and their Wives
1966July 27
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Minister of Foreign Affairs Gromyko
1969January 28
United States of America Ambassador to Japan Reischauer
1972July 3
Vatican City Cardinal Marella
1973February 15
Secretary-General of the United Nations Waldheim
1974November 21
United States of America 38th President Gerald R. Ford, Secretary of State Kissinger
1975May 10
British Commonwealth of Nations Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
1976September 19
Federative Republic of Brazil President Ernesto and his Wife and Daughter
1976October 29
Arab Republic of Egypt President Sadat and his Wife
1978April 19
Federal Republic of Germany 4th President of the Federal Republic Walter Scheel and his Wife
1978October 26
People’s Republic of China Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping and his Wife
1979March 16
United States of America 第38th President Gerald R. Ford and his Wife
1979May 28
United States of America 39th President Jimmy Carter and his Wife and Eldest Daughter
1980June 1
People’s Republic of China Premier Hua Guofeng
1982March 14
Italian Republic 7th President Alessandro Pertini
1982April 18
French Republic 21st President François Mitterrand and his Wife
1982November 20
Kingdom of the Netherlands Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet and her Husband
1983October 19
Kingdom of Thailand Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn
1983October 22
Kingdom of Norway His Majesty King Olav V
1983November 3
Federal Republic of Germany Chancellor Kohl and his Wife
1986May 9
British Commonwealth of Nations Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, Diana, Princess of Wales
1988April 8
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela President Jaime Lusinchi
1992January 7
United States of America 41st President George H. W. Bush and his Wife
1992April 18
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Former President Gorbachev and his Wife
1992April 25
Czech and Slovak Federative Republic President Havel and his Wife
1992November 8
Republic of Korea Roh Tae-woo (Prime Minister Miyazawa, Minister for Foreign Affairs Watanabe)
1993April 18
Kingdom of Thailand Queen Consort Sirikit (Prince Akishino, Princess Akishino)
1995September 17
United States of America Former President Bush and his Wife
1995November 18
Guests for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Talks
1996October 2
European Union President of the European Commission Jacques Santer (Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg)
1997March 13
United Mexican States President Zedillo and his Wife
1999October 17
Republic of Austria Archduke Otto of Austria
1999November 12
Secretary-General of the United Nations Annan and Guests
2003March 16
Royalty from around the world (3rd World Water Forum)
2008June 21
Republic of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev
2010April 1
State of Qatar Crown Prince (Qatar Embassy)
2014September 1
Republic of India Prime Minister of Narendra Modi, Mayor of Kyoto Kadokawa

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