Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Our company is extremely aware of the importance of protecting personal information. We believe that its appropriate usage, management and maintenance is our corporate responsibility, and take every step necessary in order to protect all of the personal information that we come into contact with.

Usage of Personal Information

Our company will only acquire, use and disclose personal information in relation to the following purposes.

  • Responding to all forms of inquiry.
  • The provision of information that can be considered beneficial to or required by the customer, such as information on events or new products.
  • Procedures relating to the delivery of ordered products and the collection of payment for them.
  • The performance of inquiries and confirmations as required by the execution of our duties, and the collection of opinions in order to improve our services.

Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party

Our company shall never present or disclose our customer's personal information to a third party with no good reason, without the customer's prior permission and when not required by the execution of our duties, excepting those cases in which such disclosure is demanded by law.

Management of Personal Information

All of our staff shall be thoroughly educated in the correct handling of our customer's personal information. All required steps shall be taken in order to prevent the occurrence of leaks, losses or damage, and all received personal information shall be strictly managed in order to prevent its leak to any third party.


Customer's registered information shall be password protected in order to protect personal information and for general security. Our company's website uses SSL encoding, and measures are in place to ensure that external third parties cannot receive our customer's personal information.

Presentation and Correction of Personal Information

Our company shall respond swiftly and in good faith to all inquiries concerning personal information, and requests to present the content, correct it, or stop using it.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

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