One Century of Memories as a Japanese Guest House

Tsuruya was founded in 1908 in Kitahama, Osaka.
Okazaki Tsuruya was opened in 1928 in order to provide lodgings and meals to the members of the House of Peers and House of Representatives who were visiting Kyoto for the ceremony of accession of Emperor Showa, held at Kyoto Imperial Palace. This marked the beginning of our long history as a formal Japanese style guest house.
In the close to a century since that time, our Japanese guests have included members of the Imperial family, prominent figures from the world of finance, and cultural leaders from all walks of life. We have also been visited by many VIPs from around the world, including Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, other members of royalty, heads of state, and noblewomen. Offering at all times sublime and unsurpassed dining, the memories of each of these visits are still passed down and respected to this day.View a List of Prominent VIP Guests from Around the World

Prominent VIP Guests from Around the World

  • 1975 British Commonwealth of Nations Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth
  • 1982 French Republic 21st President Fran├žois Mitterrand
  • 1986 British Commonwealth of Nations Diana, Princess of Wales
  • 1992 United States of America 41st President George H. W. Bush
View a List of Prominent VIP Guests from Around the World

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